Queer Style Empowerment: Embracing Masculinity and Authenticity Through Fashion
In a world where fashion often adheres to traditional gender norms, it can be challenging for masculine queer individuals to find clothing that truly reflects their authentic selves. But the good news is, times are changing, and the fashion industry...
LGBTQ Style Tips With Erica Votta (@ericavotta)
You have 60 seconds to put together an outfit. What do you wear?
Depending on the occasion, my favorite outfits are usually comfortable yet still make me feel confident. While I don’t necessarily think that my wardrobe falls into a specific category of fashion, I most often lean towards joggers, a graphic tee and my favorite flannel. You will most often see me in all white Air Force 1’s and either a baseball cap or a beanie that matches my color scheme. I generally prefer less obvious jewelry to accessorize, which usually consists of a simple silver chain and my everyday stud and hanging earrings. I am also a sucker for beige everything. Even though it is a more subtle color, it always makes me feel clean and put together.
LGBTQ Style Tips With Lynsey Melissa (@lynsey_melissa)
You have 60 seconds to put together an outfit. What do you wear?
I will always turn to an oversized T with biker shorts. Tall socks paired with some trainers.
Toped with some big hoops, chains & rings. Its easy and fast but always cute.
Where to Find Tomboy Fashion Inspo
One of the best ways to put together cohesive outfits is to draw inspiration from different sources. You might get inspired by a song, art, or even a feeling. When it comes to looking for tomboy fashion inspo, where do...
LGBTQ Style Tips With Savannah Wright (@Savi613)
What's your #1 tip for putting together a cohesive look?
I wear a lot of black, white, and gray. And really, you can never go wrong with those colours. Wearing black also makes me feel powerful and strong. And it compliments any other bright colour I might throw into my outfit.
LGBTQ Style Tips With Karin DeStilo (@kdestilo)
What's your #1 tip for putting together a cohesive look?

I love this question, sometimes I see some outfits and I’m like WHERE ARE THE ACCESSORIES? Accessories are absolutely my favorite thing about putting together an outfit, I look at it like it’s the last piece of the puzzle, it brings the whole look together. You can step up a basic look by adding a colorful hat that matches your shoes, maybe add some pearl necklaces to give you an edgy look, or a vintage look. Accessories are versatile and I never leave the house without my hat, sunglasses, and jewelry. Definitely makes you stand out and completes your whole look!
LGBTQ Style Tips With Hannah Cannon (@hancanfans)

How does clothing fit into your every day life?

I use clothing to express myself. I don’t fit into a certain “aesthetic of style”. My mom always says that I “dress in costume” because of my ability to switch from style to style.

LGBTQ Style Tips With Kasper (@Kasperrrrrrrrrrr)
How does clothing fit into your every day life?
I like to look nice most days because it brings up my confidence. Being well-dressed doesn't mean having super expensive clothes it just means knowing how to work styles and colors together.
Tomboy Summer Outfit Examples for Fashion Inspo
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LGBTQ Style Tips With Steph Rosales (@ripped_rosales)
AT MNSTRM we love the LGBTQ community and strive to highlight the unique style of queer women all over the world. We reached out to our favorite fashion forward influencers to get the inside scoop on their wardrobe, styling techniques,...
LGBTQ Style Tips with Alissa Butt (@alissa_butt)

What's your #1 tip for putting together a cohesive look?

I would have to say accessories - I am obsessed with jazzing up a simple outfit with some dope accessories like a watch, laying necklaces, hats, any type of jewelry, or a sick pair of J's or any shoe (I am a total shoe freak) that's what I think is a key #1 factor for a swaggy look!

Cool Boyish Outfits for Every Occasion
Let’s break gender norms together! Switching up your style from feminine to traditionally “boyish” is exciting, especially if it makes you feel more like yourself, but can be daunting when entering new situations such as work, going on a date,...
LGBTQ Style Tips With Christine (@Christineanastasiaa)
How does clothing fit into your every day life?
I make sure that i always feel comfortable in what i'm wearing whether people like it or not. it's a way to express me, my personality, looks, emotions etc. style is everything, and it brings out so much creativity in people and i myself love expressing that!
LGBTQ Style Tips With Raja Woerz (@rajawoerz)
What's your current favorite article of clothing?
It is definitely my pair of shoes (Nike Airforce 1). These shoes match to almost every outfit I wear.
Tomboy Lesbian Fashion Tips to Make Your Body Less Curvy

The reality for most tomboy lesbians is that we want our clothes to make our bodies look less curvy. We like the style of men’s clothing, and the styles typically work better on a straighter and less curvy body. 

Stem Lesbian Fashion We Love
The stem lesbian style is hard to define since it is blurring the lines and binaries of masculine and feminine fashion, but so many queer women have embraced the look, it’s more popular than ever.
LGBTQ Style Tips With Jess Fowler (@jkiillem)

Who do you look at for fashion inspo or advice?

 I think I blindly study my fly friends around me and my past outfits. I’m an observer so if I see something I like I’ll put it in the back of my brain for later. But most of the time when I’m putting together an outfit I am changing multiple times in the mirror until it feels right.

Top Lesbian Fashion Styles For 2021
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