How to Put Together a Classic Tomboy Outfit

Are you trying to add a little more tomboy swag into your current wardrobe? Look no further, as we are going to show you how to put together the ultimate tomboy outfit. Tomboys are rule-breakers, who have left the ordinary rules of women’s fashion styles and created their own unique style of dressing. 

Tomboy fashion combines masculine-inspired outfits and tomboy clothing with feminine features and trends, in our opinion creating the best of both worlds of fashion. The only rules in tomboy fashion are there are no rules, so let’s get ready to have some fun. 

Color Coordinate

Coordinating colors is the easiest way to have an outfit that looks put together. You can see in this photo, the shoes and shirt both contain the same color blue. This makes the outfit look cohesive and draws the eye to the pops of color. You can create a wardrobe filled with tomboy outfits that are easy to color coordinate by buying most of your clothing in a few intentional colors. 

tomboy outfit street style

Ask yourself: what’s your favorite color to wear? Maybe you look super dope in orange, yellow, blue, or green. It might help to look in your closet right now and see if you tend to buy clothing in one certain color or with certain colored accents. (If you only buy neutral colors, try to add in some accent colors). If you know your outfit color schemes, you can buy clothes that will complement the clothes you currently have already instead of adding in colors that you won’t be able to match. Most of the time, matching your shoes to other accents in your clothing works best. You can also add a hat in that color to add even more cohesiveness to your outfit idea. 

Choose a Straighter Fit

One of the most frustrating parts of tomboy style is that typically “straighter” or skinnier bodies have an easy time fitting into men’s clothing. That leaves curvier women with limited options when choosing a tomboy outfit. (this is one of the main reasons we created MNSTRM, so we can create tomboy style clothes made for women’s bodies) If you are a curvier person, wearing looser clothing and layered outfits will help you look less curvy. (this is usually the goal when creating a tomboy style, but if you love your curves, show them off!) 

tomboy outfit

Start with a mid-rise pant such as ripped jeans, skinny jeans or joggers that have a loose fit and hug the ankles. These types of pants won’t accentuate your lower body curves like traditional women’s pants will. Next, add a graphic T shirt (graphic tees can help your chest look smaller if you like that look), and layer a jacket on top. 

Cuff Those Sleeves

Sleeve and pant cuffing has recently been given a reputation for being queer, and maybe for good reason. We love a good sleeve cuff, especially when you are trying to show off your upper body gains. Even if you don’t have huge biceps to show off, cuffing your sleeves will make your upper body look more broad, and your hips look more narrow. 


tomboy outfit cuffed sleeves


Cuff the sleeves of your t shirt or button down shirt, and not only will you look like a bad b**ch but you will also signal to the world that you are a part of the alphabet mafia. Cuff your jeans and show off your cool graphic socks (if you are into that sort of thing) - or just just to give more room to emphasize your stylish kicks. 

You Are Hot and You Know It

Confidence is part of your outfit. The best-dressed tomboys look so good because they know that they look good. You have put a lot of effort into creating the ultimate tomboy outfit, so when you go out walk with the confidence that you deserve to have. When you wear tomboy-style outfits, you should feel a sense of confidence in yourself and in your style because the clothes express who you are. Always remember confidence is key!

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