5 Cute Tomboy Outfits We Love

Creating a cool yet cute tomboy outfit can be a daunting task. With so many options, it can be hard to choose what pieces in your closet will go together seamlessly and create the badass vibe that we all love. Tomboy fashion has recently been made popular by icons like Cara Delevingne and others, making menswear-inspired clothing one of many recent fashion trends. We made it easy for you by highlighting our top five cute tomboy outfits that are classics, always look good, and will never go out of style. For us masc-styled women, we can easily recreate these tomboy outfits with staples in your closet and rock them from day to night. 

Outfit Feature #1: The Flannel

tomboy outfit with flannel

Flannel has been a staple in the tomboy’s wardrobe for a long time. Flannel can be a hit or miss, but if you follow these tips you will create the ultimate flannel tomboy style outfit. 

First, start with any black pair of pants. In this photo, we see a cool pair of utility cargos, which add some edginess to the outfit. Any black pants in your closet will work, such as ripped jeans or joggers. 

Next, add a basic tee shirt. A plain white or black shirt is a great option. Feel free to experiment with some graphic or logo tees as well, as long as it is not too busy and won’t clash with the flannel on top. 

Then, pick a flannel that you love. This is where you can be creative and show off your favorite color or pattern. To finish off the ultimate flannel outfit, pick a cool pair of kicks that match your outfit’s color scheme. Here you can see the flannel, shoes, and hat all share a similar color palette.

Outfit Feature #2: Checkered Pants 

tomboy outfit

Swap out your sweatpants for a statement bottom like these checkered pants and instantly upgrade your cute tomboy outfit to a whole new level. I love this outfit because it is super comfortable and easy to put together. 

Start with a pair of checkered pants such as these in the photo. Grab a solid-colored tee shirt or a logo tee that matches your pants. Match the shoes to your shirt, and you’re ready to go! Accessories will help finish this tomboy outfit off, so grab some rings, chains, or earrings. 

Outfit Feature #3: The Open Button Down

tomboy outfit with button down

To be honest, I’ve never seen a lesbian who can’t rock a button down shirt. I love these shirts because you can dress them up for an upscale look or dress them down for everyday casual style. 

First, pick a button down shirt. There are so many different options for button downs with fun patterns, so you can really use this piece of clothing to express yourself. Underneath I like to wear a solid-colored tee shirt or tank top, not to clash with the pattern of the button down.

Ripped boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans work well for this cute tomboy outfit, but you can also rock it with a pair of joggers. Try to match your shoes to another element of the outfit (usually the button-up or the tee shirt underneath) to keep your color scheme on point. 

Outfit Feature #4: The Leather Jacket

tomboy outfit with leather jacket

Nothing says badass like leather. Incorporated into many fashion styles and the inspiration for countless outfit ideas, the leather jacket is perfect for a night out on the town or even when going to an event. Leather lets you effortlessly dress to impress. Style your leather jacket with a tee shirt or hoodie underneath, depending on the weather. Pair with black jeans and your choice of sneakers or boots. We love this look with the classic black vans with a white stripe or a pair of combat boots. For those stems out there, you can pair a masculine-inspired outfit featuring a leather jacket with a pair of high heels if you want to be especially daring.

Outfit Feature #5: All Black With A Belt

all black tomboy outfit

This last cute tomboy outfit is full clean, modern, and chic details with just enough edge to make it badass. This look is for when you want to look put together with minimal effort. Grab a black pair of jeans, a black tee shirt, black boots, and a belt and you’re ready to go! 

Tomboy clothes and the tomboy outfit style is all about creativity, so use these examples as a guide to creating your own unique tomboy styles. The more you experiment, the more you will learn about your own style and what outfits feel good on you. And it's not just us! Even brands like Coco Chanel have featured tomboy fashion in their campaigns. Tomboy outfits may become mainstream, but you'll never lose your unique style.

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