LGBTQ Style Tips with Alissa Butt (@alissa_butt)

 AT MNSTRM we love the LGBTQ community and strive to highlight the unique style of queer women all over the world. We reached out to our favorite fashion forward influencers to get the inside scoop on their wardrobe, styling techniques, and more. 

Today we have Alissa Butt, a creator and voice for the LGBTQ community based in California. Alissa and her girlfriend Sam have been inspiring young people to feel comfortable in their own skin for years through their YouTube videos and other social media channels. Alissa can rock any style, follow her for outfit Inspo and much more at @alissa_butt .

LGBTQ Tomboy Style Alissa Butt

Who are you and what is your passion? 

whatsssss up! My name is Alissa Butt (yes with 2 T's) and honestly I am passionate about a lot of things.. I just started going after my dream of becoming a model so that's exciting! But my main one is truly making other people happy and giving advice to anyone who needs/wants it. My dream for the longest time growing up was to have a voice for the LGBTQ+ community and to be someone that people can relate too / come too for absolutely anything. I had a pretty hard coming out and I remember not having anyone on Youtube or social media to relate to because everyone I watched had an easy or smooth sailing coming out story and I would get really upset because that's not how I mine was and I really needed someone to talk about how hard it can be and the advice on how to keep pushing forward. My passion comes from all of my family members (my followers) because without them.. I wouldn't be where I am without them. I take time out of my day every single day, no matter what I'm doing or where I am to reply to anyone who comes to me with advice or just needs to talk because that's exactly what I needed and now I get to be that person for people.


You have 60 seconds to put together an outfit. What do you wear? 

OOOF this is a harrrrd but great question haha - I change up my style all the time and it totally depends on my mood that day. My mood right now, if I were to go pick an outfit in 60 seconds.. I'm feeling pretty classy so I would say a nice chino pant (cuff the pant) with doc martens, a wife beater tank top ( I usually wear gray or black) and a sick shirt jacket from Zara with a dope fanny pack! 


What's your #1 tip for putting together a cohesive look?

I would have to say accessories - I am obsessed with jazzing up a simple outfit with some dope accessories like a watch, laying necklaces, hats, any type of jewelry, or a sick pair of J's or any shoe (I am a total shoe freak) that's what I think is a key #1 factor for a swaggy look!


What's your current favorite article of clothing?

Geez these are such good questions hahahah you really are making me think huh - okay so I just bought this sick BDG Bandana Quilted Shirt Jacket from Urban Outfitters like 2 days ago and I have yet to take a IG pic in it, but it goes hard and im obsessed.


How does clothing fit into your every day life?

So fun-fact actually I use to absolutely dread going shopping, I hated it because at the time I was still going between mens and womens clothes and just didn't know my style yet and was too scared to officially only wear mens clothes and the past year, year and a half I would say clothing in my everyday life has done a complete 180 - I am so passionate about fashion (specifically mens) I am constantly on pinterest or on IG searching for new, out of the box outfits I thought I would NEVER wear or could ever pull off. But finally breaking down my walls and allowing myself to stop caring about what others think, I started fully dressing in only mens clothes and it's made me so incredibly confident in myself and I finally feel like my true authentic self. I love shopping now (a litttttttle toooo much hahha) and throughout everyday it definitely depends on my mood, if i'm feeling classy, streetwear or like a boss. But I'm so driven by fashion and clothing now and it's a great feeling.


What's a style or trend that you just don't understand? What's a style or trend you wish you could bring back?

Truthfully I am in love with all styles/trends - clothes are a way to express yourself, and can tell you a lot about how someone may be feeling that day. There is no right or wrong trend or style, it's about what makes YOU feel empowered and comfortable. One style or trend I would love to bring back.. it's funny because my friend Lexie who did this interview to also said the 20's / great gatsby and every time someone asks me what year would I like to travel back too and I ALWAYS say the great gatsby era because my dream would be to attend a one of his parties lol the outfits in that movie give me LIFE. And because that is my literal favorite movie ever so that would be incredible. Also trends and styles always come back around and that to me, is so much fun and I love it. 


Who do you look at for fashion inspo or advice?

Wow okay another hard question!!! So again it depends on my moods of what kind of vibe i'm feeling that day, if i'm in the mood for streetwear I will look at Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish (my idol), I follow a ton of streetwear IG's so i'll look at those, this girl @blvckd0pe IG, I look at her page all the time she is so dope. Most of my inspo comes from fashion accounts on IG for sure. 


Where can we find you? 

You can find me at a coffee shop for sure, or playing with my cat at home lol jk but seriously find me at IG @alissa_butt - TikTok @itsalissaandsam - YouTube - Alissa & Sam - Snapchat @alissa_butt - Twitter @alissabutt  :) xx


  • Melissa

    I love watching your videos it has helped me so much in how to view things differently. U have a great partner Sam of course. U make a great couple. I lv how u both care abt your fans and others. Also how much love and how much u care for one another. Keep u the good work. Also u look great as a model.God Bless u both!!!!

  • Tulia Cevsllos
    Alissa every time you are looking better???

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