LGBTQ Style Tips With Corie Mattie @coriemattie

At MNSTRM we love the LGBTQ community and strive to highlight the unique style of queer women all over the world. We reached out to our favorite fashion forward influencers to get the inside scoop on their wardrobe, styling techniques, and more.

Today we have Corie Mattie an insanely talented artist based in LA. Corie creates bold street art that touches and inspires anyone who walks by. Check our her murals on the street in LA and some other artwork as well at @coriemattie on instagram. 

Tomboy Style

Who are you and what is your passion?

My name is Corie Mattie and I am an LA-based street artist.

You have 60 seconds to put together an outfit. What do you wear?

I grab all black fits with a pop of color in the shoes - accessorized with one dangly earring and funky glasses.

What's your #1 tip for putting together a cohesive look?

Work the outfit around the shoes.

What's your current favorite article of clothing?

The “Fuck Racism” hoodie by Rebel Soul Collective

How does clothing fit into your every day life?

I wear clothes that look good even when paint gets on them.

What's a style or trend that you just don't understand? What's a style or trend you wish you could bring back?

I’m not a fan of chunky sneakers - label or not that shit is wack. I grew up in the 90’s so everything that was cool then, is in style now - praise be.

Who do you look at for fashion inspo or advice?

Ashlyn Harris and Pharrell

Where can we find you? 

@coriemattie on Instagram

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