Tomboy Summer Outfit Examples for Fashion Inspo

As a tomboy, summer outfits can be difficult to navigate. In the winter, it's easy to throw on a hoodie and a jean jacket with jeans and call it a day. In the summertime, you have to put a little bit more effort into your outfit. There are pros and cons to the tomboy summer outfit: On one hand, you can really express yourself with many options from pants to shorts to tank tops to button-downs. 

On the other hand, the variety of fashion trends to choose from can be confusing and it can be difficult to make the outfit work. Between the women’s fashion trends of the season, androgynous fashion trends, and what’s in for masculine fashion, there are so many options to choose from. Thankfully, we have some tips from tomboy summer outfit pros to help you create dope tomboy summer outfits. Get ready, because summer is quickly approaching and you need to wear these! 

tomboy summer outfit

This skater tomboy summer outfit is perfect for a cooler summer day or night. You can wear this outfit walking around town, skating with your friends, or chilling at home. A mixture of fashion styles and comfort, you can't go wrong with this summer tomboy outfit. Start out with your favorite pair of vans with high socks. 

Match a pair of shorts with a hoodie or long sleeve. A graphic hoodie or crewneck adds a pop of color to your outfit. Check out our shop for some hoodies and crewnecks that would go great with this outfit!


tomboy summer outfit


This tomboy summer outfit is dope and stylish. You can wear this out to lunch with friends or even on a casual night out. Start with a fresh pair of white kicks and light-washed ripped jeans. 

On top, any stylish tee shirt works. Cuff your sleeves for a badass look that will show off your summer bicep pump. Accessories make this outfit, so wear your best bracelet, earring(s), hat, or bandana combo! 


tomboy summer outfit


This summer tomboy look is for the free-spirited and androgynous tomboy. Just because this shirt is called a “button-up”, does not mean you need to use the buttons! Keep your shirt open on a hot summer day and let your chest get some air. 

You can really customize this summer tomboy look by adding necklaces, belt chains, bandanas, sunglasses, and more. Always remember to wear accessories! You can also show your creative side with a colorful printed button-down to finish off with a belt and black jeans. 


tomboy summer outfit


Nothing says summer more than a light pink tee shirt. I never thought I would be a pink person until I saw this shade of light pink which is both edgy and smooth, mixing masculine and feminine energy. If pink is not your color, you can always opt for white, grey, or a light shade of blue or green. 

Pair a scoop neck light colored, pink, or white tee shirt with a pair of black ripped jeans, high tops, a chain, and stylish sunglasses. This minimalist look is crisp, not boring, and will make you feel like a superstar. Play around with your earrings and try adding a hat for even more ways to customize this outfit. 


tomboy summer outfit


This last tomboy summer outfit is perfect for you skater girls. Grab your skateboard and head to the skatepark with this badass outfit. Start with your favorite pair of vans and fun socks. Next, add a pair of cargo pants, boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans, boxers, and a tank top. This look is finished off with a watch, necklace, or even a pant clip with your keychain so you can skate with your hands-free.  

The summertime is approaching soon, so get ready to rock these awesome tomboy summer outfits. No matter where you live, or if you’re hitting up the beach, pool, or an outdoor bar, these outfits will keep you cool while looking fresh. And remember - there isn’t one right way to express your fashion look or fashion sense. Any of these tomboy-style outfits and more can be tailored to fit your unique fashion sense. For more style tips and LGBTQ fashion polls, check out our Instagram @wearmntsrm.

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