Top Lesbian Fashion Styles For 2021

Lesbians have an infinite amount of fashion options in 2021. In the modern era, lesbians have realized that clothing does not define them, and they can dress however they want and still be valid in their sexuality, as it should be. That being said, there are some subcultures of lesbian fashion that will always prevail in having specific trends, and area awesome outfits that many of us love to put together to express ourselves in. These genres of lesbian fashion have existed for some time, and capture the personality of lesbians all over the world. Just like there are fashion trends for specific groups of straight people, there are fashion trends for lesbians. 

There are so many styles to choose from, from the streetstyle and skater style tomboy outfits that we highlight on our blog to dapper lesbian fashions, lumberjack, cottagecore, athletic, and more. In this blog, we’re covering the top lesbian fashion trends of 2021 that we love and how you can incorporate these styles into your wardrobe. 


The Streetstyle Lesbian 

lesbian fashion

lesbian fashion

The streetsyle lesbian is effortlessly cool. She is always comfortable, rocking joggers and a hoodie or a bomber jacket and looking edgy af as she walks down the city streets drinking an iced coffee or tea. She might skateboard (or at least pretend to), play video games, or go to the gym in her spare time. She carries this IDGAF confident energy that everyone aspires to develop, but isn’t overly egotistical.

The streetstyle lesbian loves fashion and high end streetwear, but hates having to buy men’s clothing, because f**k the patriarchy. For a streetstyle lesbian look, rock one of our hoodies with chains and earrings, a black pair of joggers, air force ones (or any statement sneaker), and sometimes backwards hat. 


The Lumberjack Lesbian

lesbian fashion

The lumberjack lesbian has a style that makes her appear as tough and strong as she actually is. She probably owns way too many flannels and knows all of the hiking trails around town. She might have a dog that she takes to microbreweries after her daily meditation and journaling session. Lumberjack lesbians rock flannel, beanies, timbs, and jeans on the daily. For a lumberjack look, grab one of our sweatshirts and layer it with a flannel, a pair of blue jeans, boots, and of course a logo beanie for the ultimate lesbian fashion look. 


The Athletic Lesbian 

lesbian fashion sporty lesbian fashion

The athletic lesbian loves sports. She plays sports, she might coach sports, and she definitely watches sports. She played college sports, and if not, she’ll tell anyone and everyone about how she could have been D1 if she didn’t get a concussion junior year of high school. The athletic lesbian will always rock her favorite athletic gear or her college sports gear, sometimes for way too long after college. For an athletic lesbian fashion look, try a pair of adidas pants, stylish tennis sneaker, and a tee shirt. Don’t forget a gym bag for your sports gear! 


The Cottagecore Lesbian

cottagecore lesbian fashion

The cottagecore lesbian can make bread from scratch, and can pull together a cute outfit from scratch too. She’s so king, she’ll offer to give you a sourdough starter in case you want to learn how to make bread, too. She might also make kombucha, candles, or pickle her own vegetables. Cottagecore lesbians can’t be bothered with whatever ‘trends’ are popular these days, so they often can be found wearing timeless, more femme staples like dresses and sandals. For a cottagecore look, try a flowy white boho dress with cute sandals, a floppy sun hat and a mason jar in hand. 


The Dapper Lesbian 

lesbian fashion

lesbian fashion

The dapper lesbian always looks her best. She shows everyone up with her outfits and is known for it, whether she knows it or not. She dawns bow ties, button down shirts, suspenders, dress pants, and dress shoes. Dapper lesbians always look sharp in a blazer or tuxedo, so who can blame them for taking advantage? For a dapper look, try out some dress pants or khakis with a button down shirt and dress shoes. We love this look as it’s one of the most classic looks in lesbian fashion. 


You Don't Fit Into a Box, and Your Style Doesn't Have to Either

If you don’t fit squarely into one of these categories, even better! We are all meant to find our own interests, fashion trends, and inspiration that helps us put together outfits that make us feel like ourselves. How exciting is it to be a mixture of all of these lesbian fashion trends? Many of us like to switch up our style every day depending on how we feel. We encourage you to do the same.

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