What Your Tomboy Look Says About You

Are you unsure what tomboy look suits you best? Don’t fret because there are many tomboy looks out there, so you can definitely create a look that fits your vibe and personality. Have you ever considered which tomboy look you have? Do you even fit in a certain category of tomboy styles? If you don’t fit into a category, that’s awesome! Having your own unique blend of styles is something we all covet. For others, you might fit into multiple tomboy looks. That is great too! Experiment with your style and see which look is meant for you to wear. These masculine-inspired looks can range from skater to dapper to upscale to athletic. What is your tomboy look and what does it say about you? Here are a few of the most ‘stereotypical’ tomboy looks and what they might say about the person wearing them (FYI - this is all in good fun, and tbh I sometimes fall into these categories myself). 

tomboy look

This first tomboy look is a classic one, with a thirst trap imminent. This tomboy is hot and she knows it. She is cool and confident, snapping pics at the gym and while she drives around town to send to her (likely) multiple love interests. She might be a player, or she might just look the part. Either way, this tomboy look can be super hot if you can pull it off without looking like a major “f**ck boy”, and so many queer women achieve this perfectly. If you have a tattoo sleeve, open shirt, boxers, and saggy pants, you can rock this vibe all day long. If this tomboy look makes you feel confident, go for it (we all have a thirst trap phase, eek). An open button-up shirt or just a straight up sports bra works for this outfit. Don’t forget to add a chain necklace that you can put in your mouth while you wink ;)


tomboy look

I’ll call this next tomboy look the hipster tomboy. Think Whitney during The Real L Word (if you are old enough to know what that is) - The hipster tomboy look is laid back and super unique to the individual. The hipster tomboy will wear long necklaces, beanies, lots of bracelets. She might have crystals and tarot cards. She is very thoughtful about life and the meaning behind everything but also loves to party. She will make sure your horoscopes align before making any important decisions. Any haircut fits the hipster tomboy, so you have lots of flexibility there.


tomboy look


Next is the dapper tomboy look. Dapper tomboys love to dress well and they always know how to put together a nice outfit. The dapper tomboy looks better than anyone ever could in khaki pants, a button up shirt, bow tie, and glasses. The dapper tomboy might also wear a tie, suit, or any traditional fancy menswear. The dapper tomboy is confident, cool, and collected while always looking sharp and clean. It takes a special breed of tomboy to rock the dapper look but we are all jealous of this finesse. 


tomboy look

Last but not least we have the crunchy tomboy look. If you wear lots of flannels and beanies, like hiking and doing outdoor work, this might be you. The crunchy tomboy is independent and can get things done herself, even if it's fixing her own car. If there is a spider, she will definitely be down to kill it, and she probably has a big dog that she hikes with. The crunchy tomboy cooks with organic, local, ingredients and only buys vintage flannels over tee shirts. Having a little crunchy tomboy in us is never a bad thing. 

At the end of the day, you should choose clothing that makes you feel confident. Any tomboy look will look awesome on you as long as you feel like yourself. Don’t be scared to try different tomboy looks and see which one feels the most like you! Look for inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest, or look at your friends’ styles. Check out our instagram @wearmnstrm for style tips, interviews with our favorite social media creators, and so much more! Also, check out our blog on tomboy clothes you need in your closet.

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