Our Story

lgbtq fashion brand


As a woman who likes the look of men’s streetwear, I have always had a hard time finding clothing that both represents my tomboy style and fits my body. I have tried so many different brands, but I always found myself going to the men's section of every store to find a style that I liked.

For people like me, the clothes in the men’s section never fit right. They were always too tight in certain areas and too loose in others, because - duh - they were made for men, not made for me.

The whole experience of shopping felt unwelcoming. It was always awkward being asked at the register if the clothes are a present for my boyfriend (this one is fun because I’m literally lesbian with a fiancee). I wondered why there weren’t brands making masculine-inspired streetwear specifically for people like me, finally including queer women and tomboys who tend to lean on menswear-inspired elements when putting together an outfit.

I quickly realized that it wasn’t just me - a huge portion of the LGBTQ community feels this way too. I wanted to change this experience for people like me, and my fiancee was sick and tired of hitting dead ends when trying to help me shop. That’s what led us to create MNSTRM, a clothing concept that offers masculine-inspired streetwear for badass women.