LGBTQ Style Tips With Maya / Sebastian Noir @cosmicphenomenon

 At MNSTRM we love the LGBTQ community and strive to highlight the unique style of queer women all over the world. We reached out to our favorite fashion forward influencers to get the inside scoop on their wardrobe, styling techniques, and more. 

Today we have Maya / Sebastian Noir (@cosmicphenomenon) a super stylish Boston based influencer who gives great advice on almost everything. Follow her for not only for her endless wisdom but also badass outfits, couple goals, and the occasional workout inspo. 

Who are you and what is your passion? 

I'm Maya / Sebastian Noir. My passion is helping the queer community (especially queer youth) be comfortable and happy with who they are.

You have 60 seconds to put together an outfit. What do you wear?

Black ripped jeans, black long t-shirt, black boots, chain necklace, white beanie, perfume. 

What's your #1 tip for putting together a cohesive look?

Choose a solid base color. Mine is usually black, but sometimes it's white, grey, or beige. From there, you can add pops of color and more complex patterns pretty easily.

What's your current favorite article of clothing?

I recently bought a black jean jacket from Asos I'm pretty obsessed with.

How does clothing fit into your every day life?

Clothes are a pretty big part of my life, especially since I'm Bigender. They help me feel comfortable with myself and the world around me, no matter the gender I am that day. 

What's a style or trend that you just don't understand? What's a style or trend you wish you could bring back?

Oh goodness, I don't know if I have a great answer for either of these. I feel like there are a lot of styles I don't understand, but I try not to judge people based on how they dress, because if that makes them feel good then that's great! 

Who do you look at for fashion inspo or advice?

I don't think I look to anyone specifically, I mostly follow men's fashion in a generic sense and notice small shifts in style, then choose the pieces I want to incorporate into my own experience. 

Where can we find you? 

Instagram & YouTube: Cosmicphenomenon

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