LGBTQ Style Tips With Steph Rosales (@ripped_rosales)

AT MNSTRM we love the LGBTQ community and strive to highlight the unique style of queer women all over the world. We reached out to our favorite fashion forward influencers to get the inside scoop on their wardrobe, styling techniques, and more.

Today we have Steph Rosales, a fitness business owner who inspires others to take care of their bodies and transform their lives. Check her out , not only for helpful fitness tips but also for her unique style at @ripped_rosales. 


LGBTQ Tomboy Lesbian Style

Who are you and what is your passion?

My names Steph Rosales and i’m a passionate fitness business owner. Transforming not only my clients bodies but mentalities drives me to be better every day.

You have 60 seconds to put together an outfit. What do you wear?

Black skinny jeans or joggers, a pair of yeezys (any color for some pop), and a black muscle fit v-neck shirt. I’ll also add a watch to the mix or a pair of black bracelets. Bam! Stylllle

What's your #1 tip for putting together a cohesive look?

Do what makes YOU feel good!! Never go off of what society wants you to look like, as long as you’re comfortable you’ll be confident. Being authentically you is your best accessory.

What's your current favorite article of clothing?

I love love love athletic joggers, depending on how you dress them up, you can do a lot with a pair of joggers.

How does clothing fit into your every day life?

I’m a personal trainer and coach so I’m always having to be on the move and on the go, having a nice pair of shoes comes in handy when I’m always wearing very similar things in the gym setting. I still want to look good so having a cool pair of shoes to stand out always does the trick.

What's a style or trend that you just don't understand? What's a style or trend you wish you could bring back?

I can’t really hate on a style or trends because the right people make those styles look good. Everyone has a right to individualized self expression. Now if I were to bring some styles back it would probably be the “50s Greaser” era, I deff find myself relating to the James Dean inspired looks.

Who do you look at for fashion inspo or advice?

Honestly... no one, I really try to just shop around and see what looks right on me and feels good. My whole life I felt I had to be someone else so now I want to be me, and that means finding stuff that matches my energy, my confidence and what I’m feeling in that moment. My advice to anyone is to not be afraid to dress or look differently. Life is way too short to not stand out!

Where can we find you? (social media)

The best place to find me is on my instagram @ripped_rosales


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