Where to Find Tomboy Fashion Inspo

One of the best ways to put together cohesive outfits is to draw inspiration from different sources. You might get inspired by a song, art, or even a feeling. When it comes to looking for tomboy fashion inspo, where do you go? 

Finding inspiration for your tomboy fashion can come from anywhere. From your own wardrobe to celebrities to your friends, there are so many places to look for advice and examples of tomboy fashion. We have looked all over for the best places to look online for tomboy fashion inspo, and we're here to share those with you. 

tomboy fashion inspo


  1. Pinterest - Pinterest is an awesome option when it comes to finding photos of almost anything. Search for “tomboy style” or even get more specific of what you are looking for such as “stem tomboy style” or “summer tomboy style”. Once you get your results, scroll through and save photos you like to your own style Pinterest board. You can go back to that board when you are shopping to find pieces that will help you recreate that outfit or look. Check out our MNSTRM Pinterest boards for tomboy fashion inspo. 

tomboy fashion inspo

  1. Instagram - Instagram is a great place to find fashionable influencers that have a style you are going for. Some of them might even give fashion tips and suggestions on where to shop to make your ideal style. Check out pages such as Tomboy Model, or Tomboy Style, where they will feature many different tomboys. You can pick from there who you want to follow for tomboy fashion inspo. Check out our instagram @wearmnstrm where we feature different tomboy outfits, post fashion polls, and more! We also have many fashion related blog posts and style interviews up on our website.

  1. TikTok - TikTok has taken the social media world by storm over the past few years. You might think tiktok is just for kids, but there really is every sort of niche on tiktok with many adults spreading useful knowledge. Tiktok is awesome because it will remember your interests and only show you videos that fit the niches you are interested in. In addition, tiktok shows you videos not only from creators that you follow but also from other users that it thinks you might like. This way you can see the style of tomboys from all around the world. There are many accounts that show fashion related videos such as tomboy outfit inspo and where to shop for clothing. If you don’t have a tiktok I highly recommend you check it out for some authentic tomboy fashion inspo! Check out some tomboy style tik tok videos here

  2. Youtube - YouTube is another social media platform that has great content on tomboy fashion. Videos such as this one show different tomboy style outfits with links to where to shop for tomboy style clothing. With so many different youtube creators, you can really find people who dress in your niche tomboy style for the ultimate tomboy fashion inspo. Also, since youtube videos are longer than tiktoks, there is more time for you to see each outfit and hear tricks and tips for styling each piece. Search through youtube for lots of similar videos that might help you elevate your style! 

  3. Real life can be one of the best places to find tomboy fashion inspo! Check out what your friends are wearing or people who pass you on the street. Some good places to people watch are bars, clubs, and in the retail stores you love. You can find so many ideas just by observing others and seeing what trends you are repeatedly seeing in your everyday life. Looking at what they are selling in stores can also give you some good ideas. 

Whether you have been into tomboy fashion for years or you are just starting to get into it, finding new tomboy fashion inspo can really help level up your fashion game. Don’t forget to check out our instagram account @wearmnstrm for tomboy fashion style tips, polls, and more!

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