7 Tomboy Fashion Tips for 2021

What we love the most about tomboy fashion is there is no right way to express your tomboy fashion sense. From leather jackets and boots to hoodies and sneakers, tomboy fashion is super versatile and comes in many forms. Tomboy fashion styles are awesome because it blurs the line between masculine and feminine styles, giving you the best of both fashion worlds.

We love tomboy fashion, but the truth is that it can be hard to distinguish a look from looking like you just rolled out of bed to a well put together outfit. If you are having a hard time figuring out what your true tomboy fashion is, this guide is for you!  Here are some tips to find your true tomboy fashion and feel your best every day. 

Tomboy Fashion Tip #1: Ask yourself what type of clothing you feel most confident in

Confidence is key when it comes to tomboy fashion because when you feel your best you often look your best. We recommend trying out a few different styles and seeing which style makes you feel like a bad b*tch. Do you feel awesome in looser or tighter clothing? Hat or no hat? More upscale or casual? Neutral colors like black and white or pops of color? Once you figure out what clothing makes you feel the most confidence, putting together a tomboy outfit gets a lot less difficult. 

Tomboy Fashion Tip #2: Look for tomboy fashion inspiration

Even the most stylish people draw inspiration from other people’s looks in order to create their own unique style. There are many tomboy fashion Instagram pages and Pinterest boards (we are updating ours regularly on our Pinterest!) that can help you find what tomboy fashions appeal to you the most. Make a Pinterest board or save Instagram posts that contain outfits you love. Then, try to mimic the outfit with pieces from your own closet. Also, check out our tomboy fashion interviews with many different fashionable tomboys to get their best fashion tips.

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Tomboy Fashion Tip #3: Try not to worry about what other people will think 

This is a hard one for most of us because humans naturally want to be accepted by people around us. If you dress to accommodate other people and not yourself, you won't ever truly feel like yourself. Ask yourself - If no one could ever judge you, what would you wear? Once you figure out your true style, you might still feel nervous to wear it in public. If that is the case, you can start slowly incorporating these clothes into your everyday life until you feel fully comfortable rocking a full 'fit. Remember confidence = key. 

Tomboy Fashion Tip #4: Try out different accessories

Accessories are an often overlooked part of any tomboy’s closet. My girlfriend constantly tells me that accessories can make or break an outfit and it is all in the small details (she is way more stylish than I am). Chains, necklaces, earrings, and rings can really make a huge difference in your overall appearance. You can also try different types of hats, bandanas, and bags to switch up your style. I personally open for plain white, black, or other neutral accessories.

Tomboy Fashion Tip #5: Experiment with pops of color, materials, and textures 

This is another element of tomboy style clothing I really never thought about until recently. The materials, textures, and colors of your clothing can totally change the overall vibe of your tomboy outfit. Don’t be scared to add some color to your outfit! As someone who usually wears all black, I found I can add a little spice to my outfit with a neon beanie, colorful shoes, or some gold chains.

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Tomboy Fashion Tip #6: Show off your tattoos

Tattoos are kind of like clothing that you can never take off. I personally feel super badass when I get a new tattoo and love showing them off with my outfits. Tattoos can be meaningful, inspirational, or just a piece of art that you really love. For a lot of tomboys, tattoos add a little bit of edginess that really completes a look. If you aren't into tattoos, that's cool too! They are definitely not for everybody and that is okay. 

Tomboy Fashion Tip #7: Mix masculine and feminine energy for a unique vibe 

One thing that is so awesome about tomboy fashion is the mixture of feminine and masculine energy. Playing around with both of these can create a really awesome style. Try combining looser and tighter clothing, showing off some curves, or pairing menswear-inspired clothing with makeup to show your masculine and feminine side at the same time. 

At the end of the day, your style is unique to you. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to putting together an outfit. These are just some ideas that might help you find your true tomboy fashion and feel the most confident in your clothing. Remember, listen to your heart and keep trying until it feels right!

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    I think this is a great tip! I definitely think that you should dress for yourself and not for other people. If you are confident in what you are wearing, then other people will be able to see that and they will be more likely to accept you.

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