Tomboy Style Clothes You Need in Your Closet

When you look in your closet, what do you see? Is your closet full of t-shirts and flannels? Jackets and hoodies? Jeans and joggers? We all gravitate towards different pieces of clothing (I personally have wayyyyy too many hoodies), but for the perfect tomboy closet, you need a diverse range of clothing types (unless you want to just always wear hoodies, which is also fine by me). Before you read this article, look in your closet and take an inventory of what you have. Then, use this guide to fill in the gaps, or experiment with new tomboy style clothes you might not have thought about trying. 

In order to curate the perfect tomboy wardrobe, you might want to consider getting rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in a while. (I know it’s hard to get rid of that t-shirt you got at that concert in 6th grade) We believe that minimalism is the best practice, especially when it comes to your closet. You want all of your clothes to be easy to access without going through a pile of clothes you never wear or don’t fit into. 

Tomboy style comes easily for some, others who struggle with their style can learn how to create the ultimate tomboy style with just a little bit of practice. The most important part of finding your true tomboy style is having a range of tomboy outfits and stylish clothing ready to go in your closet. Tomboy clothes can come from many different stores, from the thrift store to the men’s section of any department store.  Here are some tomboy style clothes every tomboy needs in their closet.

Tomboy Style Clothing Piece 1 : Ripped Jeans 

tomboy style clothes jeans

Ripped jeans add a badass style that can make your tomboy outfit. Any color works, so be creative and pick a pair of ripped jeans that make you feel super cool and comfortable. Ripped jeans come in tighter and looser jean fits, so experiment and see which one you feel best in (or get both!). Ripped jeans can be worn with a huge range of tops, from t-shirts to blazers to button-ups to flannels for the ultimate tomboy outfit. 

Tomboy Style Clothing Piece 2: Cargo Pants 

tomboy style clothes cargo pants

A neutral color cargo pant is perfect for a laid-back, skater-y outfit. With a loose fit, cargo pants will make you look cool and collected. I always go with black, but other colors can look awesome as well (you can even spice up your outfit with a camo print). Cargo pants can go with a variety of tops, throw on a t-shirt for an easy outfit, or layer with a flannel or bomber jacket. 

Tomboy Style Clothing Piece 3: Jean Jacket

tomboy style clothes jean jacket

Jackets are an essential part of any tomboys wardrobe. Jackets add a level of swag to any outfit and can also help make your body look less curvy. Throw a jean jacket over a t-shirt or sweatshirt for a quick edgy style or wear your jean jacket over a nice button-up for a more elevated look. From the fall to the summer, jean jackets stay in style all year long, so they are definitely a worthwhile investment. 


Tomboy Style Clothing Piece 4: The Graphic Tee

tomboy style clothes graphic tee

Graphic tees are one of our favorite items in the tomboy-style closet. There are so many different messages you can send with a graphic t-shirt. From repping your favorite brand to show off your favorite sports team, graphic tees can get very personal. At MNSTRM, we make graphic tees with a street-style design that shows off our love for the LGBTQ community. Check out our products page to see our WLW inspired tees!

Tomboy Style Clothing Piece 5: Hats 

tomboy style fashion beanie hat

Hats are a great accessory that can pull together a whole look. When creating an outfit, it is important to consider a color scheme that will make your outfit look cohesive. By matching your hat to your shoes, shirt, or pants, you can elevate your style and create a cohesive look. In addition, hats can create a more laid-back or elegant look depending on the hat. Opt for a distressed dad hat or beanie. 

Tomboy Style Clothing Piece 6: The Bomber Jacket

tomboy style clothes bomber jacket

Jackets are one of my favorite pieces of clothing because you can basically wear the exact same outfit with a different jacket and create an entirely different look. Bomber jackets can effortlessly make anyone look cool and are definitely an essential in any tomboy’s wardrobe. 

Check out our products page for some awesome hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, and more tomboy essentials made with love by female LGBTQ designers. For more style tips, check out our instagram @wearmnstrm where we post style tips, polls, and interviews every week!

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