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When it comes to tomboy styles, there are many so options and we really love them all. From casual sweatpants and sweatshirts to upscale button-ups and bow ties, tomboy girls really know how to show their unique style to the world. For queer girls and lesbians, in particular, it can be difficult to even put together an outfit with a style that you truly feel comfortable in.

After coming out, some of us have a change in style that might lean towards a more tomboy look (this definitely doesn’t happen to everyone, but happened to me!). If you are struggling to create a tomboy look with the right balance of masculine-inspired elements, look no further. We’ve put together some of our favorite tomboy styles that will show the world that tomboys can dress well. 

If you’re looking for tomboy style tips, you’ve come to the right place. This is our Ultimate Guide to Tomboy Styles for 2021, featuring some of our favorite menswear-inspired outfits in tomboy fashion. We also made sure these are all are also easy to put together with staples from your closet. 

Tomboy Style #1 : Urban Casual Tomboy Outfit 

tomboy style outfit

This first look is a classic and won't ever go out of style, at least that’s what we think. Plus, it’s super comfortable and can consist of a bunch of different pieces from any tomboy’s wardrobe. I love this look because it is super comfortable and warm for the fall or winter. For warmer weather, you can switch out the sweatshirt for a T-shirt for a similar vibe. A lot of our hoodies and tees at MNSTRM (and our upcoming drop - hint hint it's not tees or hoodies) is inspired by this tomboy fashion style.

  • The Hoodie - Any can hoodie works for this outfit, but a color other than black will add dimension to your outfit. Bonus points if you can match your hoodie color to your shoes. 
  • The Jacket - In this outfit, your jacket choice can make your look fancy or casual. For an upscale look, try a leather jacket. For a more casual look, wear a bomber or jean jacket. 
  • The Jeans - Ripped jeans will add a little extra texture to your outfit. A Moto pant also works for this or a pair of boyfriend jeans. 
  • The Shoes - The shoes are another part of the outfit that can really change the vibe you're going for. Play around with athletic sneakers, utility boots, or really any shoe that you like.


Tomboy Style #2: Street Style Tomboy Outfit

lesbian tomboy outfit

Some tomboys like to wear all black, myself included, and tou really can’t go wrong when wearing an all black tomboy outfit. It gives off an edgy vibe, especially if you use the right accents to complete your look. However, mixing white and black together can really elevate your athletic look. 

We recommend keeping some black and white staples in your closet to help you put together street style tomboy outfits. This style is very in right now for tomboys and femmes alike. This style is the inspiration for our Human Hoodie and the You Look Like Heaven Hoodie at MNSTRM - masculine-inspired streetwear for badass women.

  • The Sweatpants - Black sweatpants or joggers are great for this style. Lean into the idea of comfort, knowing that a black bottom is a great foundation for a tomboy outfit. 
  • The Top - A t-shirt, tank top, or sweatshirt is great a day in the city or just lounging around. I personally love the look in the picture above, a long sleeve top and matching sweats.
  • The Sneakers - an athleisure-inspired outfit is made complete with stylish athletic sneakers. Pair with a beanie to round out the outfit.


Tomboy Style #3: The Casual, Sporty Tomboy Outfit 

tomboy style outfits

This kind of sporty casual outfit is an awesome look for sporty lesbians and tomboys who love wearing sportswear. The key to this outfit is to match your shoes to your shirt. Add some subtle accessories like industrial-style jewelry, sneakers with a pop of color, or a sporty backpack. 

This style is perfect for athletic tomboys, or anyone who just wants to chill and look like a boss while doing so. Sporty accessories could include a baseball cap.

  • The Pants - We recommend starting with a black track pant, pair of joggers, or more structured sweat pants for this look
  • The T-Shirt - Tee shirts are key here, and don’t be afraid to cuff the sleeve and show off those biceps. Choose from your selection of logo tees or even a jersey.
  • The Accessories - I like styling this tomboy outfit myself with an Adidas backpack. You can also wear a sports watch or fashion watch to add to the look.


Tomboy Style #4: The Fancy Tomboy Outfit

fancy tomboy outfit

Upscale outfits can be difficult to put together when you want to give off a tomboy vibe, especially because it can be hard to find the perfect fit. This tomboy outfit has the perfect amount of unique yet understated class that we love. Style this outfit with a gold chain necklace or a bow tie (or both).

  • The Pants - Black dress pants are key here, and you’ll probably need to pair them with a black leather belt. You could also wear a plain and simple pair of black joggers as long as they go with the shirt (if they aren’t just the right pair, it could look like a weird blend of sporty and cocktail attire so be careful)
  • The Top - Opt for a long-sleeve button-down shirt or short sleeve button-down shirt to ground this masculine-inspired outfit.
  • The Shoes - Choose between a shiny black loafer or leather boot, or a pair on Timbs like in the picture above. Play around with different shoes to add a little pop of color and texture. 


Tomboy Style #5: The Colorful Tomboy Outfit

tomboy style

Last but not least we have a colorful outfit. This style gives me Florida lesbian or Los Angeles queer girl vibes every time. Young MA definitely knows what she's doing with this one, and is our main source of inspiration for this tomboy style.

  • The Joggers - Choose a colored jogger or even a track pant for this outfit, usually a solid color (Patterns are fun and all, but we would save the pattern for the shirt)
  • The Tee - Find a fun printed t-shirt or button-down shirt. Just make sure you have complementary colors in both the pants and the shirt and you're ready to go.
  • The Shoes - Matching all white or black sneakers will help pull the look together without using too many different colors. You can definitely sport your white vans for this look.

These are just a few of the tomboy style examples that give us inspiration for our fashion brand MNSTRM - masculine-inspired street style for badass women. We hope this guide gives you some inspiration and encouragement to find a tomboy style that works for you! 

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