Stem Lesbian Fashion We Love

Stem lesbian fashion most often mixes two opposite styles, butch, and femme. The stem lesbian style is hard to define since it is blurring the lines and binaries of masculine and feminine fashion, but so many queer women have embraced the look, it’s more popular than ever. Those who define themselves as a stem could wear a club dress one day and joggers and a sweatshirt the next.

Stem lesbians often wear more menswear-inspired clothing while keeping and accentuating their feminine traits like long hair and wearing makeup. You can sometimes equate stem style with a feminine leaning tomboy look. The key to embracing stem lesbian fashion is to combine masculine and feminine elements. Here are some examples of stem lesbian outfits that we love and how you can create them with staples in your closet. You can also read our tomboy style guide on our blog.

Outfit #1: Leverage Solids 

This style is made up of white sneakers and a matching white oversized button, styled with baggy track pants with a pink stripe down the side. Her oversized button-down and baggy pants give her a boyish look that is balanced out with her flawless makeup and enhanced feminine features. I love the fit of these baggy pants and the pink and white accents match her shirt and shoes. 

stem lesbian fashion

Stem Lesbian Fashion Tip: Find a makeup style that makes you feel pretty and one you feel confident in. Some people like cat eyes, lip gloss, or a smokey eye. Experimenting with makeup can help you add a femme element to your outfit. 

Outfit #2: Be Sporty

This style is made up of a tracksuit, sports bra, and white athletic sneakers. Sporty clothing is great for the stem lesbian because it is always a little boyish but can be feminine too. The sports bra shows some skin that adds a sexy vibe. Match your shoes to your sports bra to make the look cohesive and add your own unique flair with jewelry and accessories. 

stem lesbian fashion

Stem Lesbian Fashion Tip: Baggy athletic clothing is comfortable and sporty. It also adds a traditionally masculine-inspired touch. Try wearing track suits like this one or rock your favorite oversized tee. 

Outfit #3: Button Up (or Down)

Stem lesbians look extra hot in menswear because they’re inherently defying the rules of gendered fashion. Button-up shirts are a great option. You can tuck it in with a belt for a more elevated look.  

To be more casual, wear your shirt open with a t-shirt underneath. Button-ups can look fancy, casual, hipster or skater depending on the print and material- so versatile! Cuff your sleeves to show off those biceps and make your upper body look broader. 

stem lesbian fashion

Stem Lesbian Fashion Tip: A men’s cut shirt will help your upper body look broader and less curvy. The way that the sleeves fit and the seams of the shirt can also help. If you can find a men’s cut shirt that fits your body, that might be the way to go.


Outfit #3: Embrace the Heat

This last style is perfect for the summer. A graphic or striped tee shirt paired with shorts and sneakers with high socks is a cool look for any stem lesbian. Show off your undercut with a messy bun or wear your hair down for a feminine touch to this skater summer style. 

stem lesbian fashion

Stem Lesbian Fashion Tip: You can wear athletic sneakers or vans for a more skater look. We love this outfit with a backward hat or beanie (depending on the weather) as well.

Stem lesbian fashion will always be fun to play with because of the dynamic masculine and femme elements. Stem lesbian fashion might be my favorite category of tomboy fashion. For more style tips, check out our Instagram page @wearmnstrm. We post weekly interviews with our favorite social media creators, style tips, polls, and more. Want to keep with the trends? Read our top lesbian styles for 2021 and follow us @wearmnstrm on all platforms.


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